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Benson promoted Stephen from the number two job at the Department of Safety to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, the state's largest agency.

Shea Porter Campaign Manager Rob Moller reminded that it was Mahoney attack ads that questioned the source of personal money Guinta used to help bankroll his campaign.

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Michael Kors Purses Crossbody Black

But among the loudest ovations at this Derryfield County Club event were for those who ran, lost and are now embracing the GOP ticket.

"Sean Mahoney spent almost $1 million raising what he called ethical questions about Frank Guinta," Moller said in a statement.

"A progressive activist is not a liberal; a progressive activist is an extremist, left wing Democrat," Bass declared.

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GOP gathers in hopes to unify

Buckley pointed out Stephen and Ayotte worked for former Gov. Craig Benson, who Lynch retired at the polls after one term in 2002. Ayotte served a brief time as Benson's legal counsel before Benson nominated her to be acting, and later the permanent attorney general.

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In the 1st Congressional District, Rich Ashooh of Bedford and Sean Mahoney of Portsmouth, after finishing second and third, will co chair the general election campaign of nominee Frank Guinta of Manchester, who faces two term Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter, D NH.

Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte of Nashua called Democratic Bag Michael Kors

PPP spokesman Tom Jensen said Lynch remains a strong favorite to win a historic, fourth term on Nov. 2.

"We have seen a state government run by a radical, extreme left wing group that don't understand the values of New Hampshire," Sununu said.

Later, Lynch twice renamed Ayotte as attorney general.

He later added, "We agreed with Sean Mahoney then, and we agree with him now."

Public Policy Polling's survey done over the weekend had Gov. John Lynch with a solid lead but a much smaller one than seen in other, recent polls with 51 percent for the incumbent to 39 percent for Stephen.

Among the critical bloc of independent voters, the choice was even closer as 46 percent went with Lynch to 41 percent for Stephen.

"All of John Sununu's angry and hysterical rhetoric is not going to put the Republican Party back together again," Buckley said. "The Republicans have a uniquely unelectable ticket. We don't have to have a fake unity event; our party is united.''

New, independent polls showed some of the key contests closing to the benefit of Senate Democratic candidate Hodes in one and Republican nominee for governor John Stephen in another.

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Michael Kors Purses Crossbody Black

MANCHESTER Major Republican nominees and State Chairman John H. Sununu served plenty of red meat remarks about their Democratic opponents at a GOP unity breakfast Thursday.

Congressman Paul Hodes of Concord a "Nancy Pelosi puppet."

Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley said Sununu and his GOP ticket can't paper over more than a month of attack ads or mailings the candidates fired at one another in bitterly contested races for Senate and Congress.

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Sununu, a former, three term governor, condemned the entire Democratic takeover of government at all levels in Concord starting with the 2006 election and affirmed by voters two years later.

Senate runner up Ovide Lamontagne of Manchester said his party's revival in special elections for the Legislature and public opinion polls are linked to candidates offering social and fiscally conservative views.

Republican nominee for governor John Stephen of Manchester accused three term Gov. John Lynch of being too weak to defy a Democratically controlled Legislature.

"There are a number of disaffected Republicans in the state, independents who left our party because we left them."

Lamontagne urged all the winners to reject the advice of the late President Richard Nixon who said Republicans should run right to win a primary and move to the middle in a general election campaign to appeal to moderate voters.

Former Congressman and 2nd District nominee Charles Bass of Peterborough ridiculed Democratic rival Ann McLane Kuster of Hopkinton who describes herself as a progressive activist.

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promise I will veto any new spending, new programs until we balance the $800 million deficit," Stephen said.

"She does not listen to us. She does not represent us, and come November, she will be term limited," Guinta predicted.

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"In a political year that has Michael Kors Purses Crossbody Black produced one surprise after another, after another, it would be a mistake to Michael Kors Miranda Large

"I am here to say Richard Nixon was wrong to say that; stay true to principle," Lamontagne said.

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completely write off the possibility of an upset," Jensen said. "But Lynch's popularity is holding up much better than that of most politicians and if that continues to be true for another seven weeks he should make it through."

A Rasmussen Poll of 500 likely voters done Wednesday had Ayotte leading with 51 percent to 44 percent for Hodes. Ayotte held support from earlier surveys but Hodes has gained six points since the same firm did a poll in early August.

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